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back from the old country!

just got back from Eugene, Oregon, the place all the hippies migrated to.
i spent the whole time alternately sleeping and getting into fights with my aunt who was pissed that i was sleeping and have no opinion on anything. and then she drags me to her homeopathic doctor to try to do something about my "condition" (it didnt work). so i dragged by day, paced by night (i get a real energy burst at night , the manic part of my manic depression, and i have nothing to do but pace around my room or other living space i occupy at that time; and sometimes this turns into a panic attack, so fun for everyone.) the best part was when my cousin came up with my dad and my uncle to feed their biking frenzies and we hung out. we shared tales and he told me lots of entertaining stories that all seemed to involve breaking and entering, drinking and drugging, or naked girls; not that he was bragging. i would applaude him, but he wouldnt give me shrooms. bastard.

assorted quotes (from books, movies, and "real life":

"you should be in class, sunny Jim."
"rap yourself around this, sailor."
"all that food was wasted on the white people."
"you can break my wrist but im still going to kiss you."
"your scottish!"
"worker bees can leave/ even drones can fly away/ the queen is their slave."
"so...can you spell orgasm?"
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