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ok. so this weekend i went to sophie's little sleepover party thing on friday. i was hoping for drama but all i got was ariel and matties little rant on how they're not actually hoes. ariel's rant was on how she is choosing to do fuck around with this group of fools and mattie's was on how she doesn't know what she wants and she is a victim and she was so traumatized from her youth that she doesnt know how to deal with the new attention she is recieving from guys and she can't take control of her life and she is just doing stupid shit to "dull the pain" or something like that. ariel coasted right over that and said she would take care of mattie and bla bla bla they want to do it and how they just want to "have fun". right. so mattie's "birthday" party which is an excuse to "fraternize" with these stupid, wannabe ghetto little boys. i didn't hear what actually happened until later. apparently it was really boring and it sucked but ariel gave this guywho she is like paired up with and who she hates kind of because she says he played her, anyway she knows he just wants to fuck around, a blowjob in the closet. she swallowed and after she went to kiss him and he totally pulled back and now everyone knows about it. she is only concerned that everyone knows about it than that she is doing unbelievably stupid shit with people who dont even like her. mattie gave the other guy, who everyone says actually cares about her but i highly doubt it, a handjob. also, someone brought vodka and she threw up on her carpet. all this is going on while her parents are upstairs. i haven't talked to her about it and i don't plan to but apparently she's ecstatic about everything. i feel very very bad for them. they are so bothered by people calling them hoes and judging them by their hoochie outfits but i guess they can't see where it's coming from. all this is coupled with their inability to keep quiet about their debaucheries. I wasn't there because as a was getting ready heather, sophiaimahippyworldpeaceblablabla's, friend called. heather is a punk rock prom queen and i've really wanted to hang out with her but i never have the time. she wanted me to go with her to bottom of the hill to see gravy train. it appears that my mother is a lot more paranoid than i thought because she called heather, called heather's mom, called bottom of the hill and made this whole plan for driving. it would have gone much better if my parents had not freaked out and forbade me to take the bus at 8 pm. then there was this whole bitchfest about driving and bla bla bla. also, it was heather's first time at bottom of the hill and she gave me the wrong address, 17th and mission and my parents REFUSED to drop me there so i had to skulk outside bottom of the hill until she got there with my dad lurking in the car on the next block. but she got there so we had fun. it turns out she never goes to a show sober but it was her first time there so we went outside to open a 40 and the bouncer fucking took it away and said we were crazy. the first three sets were techno, country, techno and we were hella bored. so we waited and waited and bummed cigarettes and by the time gravy train got on we had to leave. then there was underage drinking and the obligatory drunken rant on mission and peeing in front of what i believe is a taqueria. they say these are the best years of our lives.
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