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...and then i gouged out my eyes and ate them

Just listening to a phone conversation held by my mother. Hearing her fake laugh and "in depth" conversation about her new job makes me want to scream at her and tell her how pathetic and meaningless her little life is, but I doubt she'd hear me. My Fight Club obsession, which was on hiatus, has come back in full swing. More than full swing if that is possible. I suppose the looming future ahead of me has really made me realize that my life really doensn't have a point. Those who look for guidance recieve propaganda. It is clear what the definition of success is in America, but after then what? The anniversary of Scarface made me go and watch it for the first time and it is highly prevalent. Tony came to America to be successful, but after he achieved his success then what? What was his point in life? He rose so high then crashed so hard and that was it. But there really doesnt seem to be a point. What the world needs is a Tyler Durden. Or a Jack. Well they were the same person.
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