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i feel shitty, oh so shitty...

man i feel deppressed as hell. i just finished the new harry potter book last night, or rather this morning seeing as how i was done at 5 am, and THEY KILLED OF SIRIUS!! IS THERE NO JUSTICE IN THE WORLD???? he was my favorite guy and they killed him. he was a good person and they killed him. by the way i realize how sad it is that the only real, good people i know and actually connect with aren't alive. how could they kill him?? its not fair. and i saw Charlie's Angels 2:" Full Throttle". after, i was hit with the realization that i could have writtien the script better. it is extremely dissapointing to see a good opportunity go to waste. (this is less terrible but it is still sucky). and i had to spend three hours at "surf camp" with my friends, who are very stupid and extremely annoying. i am also developing a steady persistant feeling that life is nothing. this is the part where i say, " i need a drink."
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